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Team Miracle Cyprus IVF Centre


Why have we created this website...

To ensure that others do not experience, the upset, pain, emotional suffering, embryo and financial loss that we have experienced due to the medical incompetence of Team Miracle Cyprus IVF Centre.


I should firstly point out that this webpage and our experiences relate to Team Miracle Cyprus IVF Centre www.cyprusivfcentre.com and not Miracle IVF by Dr. Firdevs. www.cyprusmiracleivf.com. This is where we made our mistake.


Friends had been recommended to Dr. Firdevs of Miracle IVF as she had done a great job of helping them with their IVF treatment. We googled team miracle Cyprus and found the pink webpage of Team Miracle. Little did we know it was a different company using very similar branding and name.


After reaching out to Team Miracle Cyprus IVF Centre we were met by a very helpful patient coordinator called Nicole Smith, she was helpful, courteous and prompt to respond. After quoting for our treatment and offering us our egg donor we paid our fees and before we knew it we were booked onto flights to head to Turkey (yes Turkey, they are not actually based in Cyprus) to create our embryos.


It was after making the payment we found out that we had, in fact, booked our IVF with an imposter of Miracle IVF by Dr. Firdevs. Team Miracle Cyprus IVF Centre has not been in business for over 10 years as they state, they had in fact only just set up after leaving Dr. Firdevs to start their own clinic. The 12,000 patients as of October 2018 is a complete fabrication as the company has now only been open for 8 months at the time of writing this (May 2019). The above IPO registration image proves this.


Please do not be fooled by the swish website, prompt email responses and what I can only describe as very thorough service as it will all disappear when things go wrong. our patient coordinator Nicole Smith nor Julie Hodgson the managing partner will now even respond to our emails hence us being forced to bring this warning.


Save your money and your dreams of a family, go elsewhere, anywhere but here.


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